A circus is a troupe consisting of trained animals, clowns, acrobats, jugglers, tightrope walkers, musicians and other stunt oriented artists. Circus has been the home of various performances and other merry makings since its first opening 249 years ago. The first circus was opened in 1768 in England, by Philip Astley who is hailed as the father of modern circus.

Since its first opening in 1768, circus has evolved by leaps and bounds. The performances have changed drastically and so have the types of venues and the themes. In the early days, circuses used to be performed in large open spaces with seats being limited. This concept changed from between late 18th century to the late 19th century. During this period, circuses used to be performed in custom made wooden buildings which accommodated various types of seating and had a centre ring and also a stage. This concept underwent further modifications in the mid-19th century. During this time, the custom made wooden circus buildings were replaced by the large tents which continue to be in use till date.

Circus festivals:

The main idea behind the circus festivals is to promote and present various circus arts in different parts of the world. These festivals serve as resources for the international, local and national audiences as well as for the circus artists. There is a grave misconception about the circus festivals being all about clowns with a red ball for nose and ginormous shoes, but in reality this is not at all the case. In contrary to this long fed imagination of people, circus festivals are a mix of music, theater, dance and also circus skills. These skills provoke humans on an emotional level.

Just like any other industry holds an annual convention, the circus festivals are also a similar approach made by the circus authority to provide the audiences with evening filled with fun, frolic, enjoyment and merrymaking. These festivals also improve the skills and knowledge of the performers.


Theme of circus festivals:

Circus festivals take place in different countries all over the world. Different countries have their own circus festival each year. For example, the Aircraft circus held Greenwich circus festival with midsummer night as the theme for their circus festival. To live up to the expectations from this theme, they put on a brand new Shakespeare inspired circus extravaganza. Their idea was to coax the audiences into a dreamy land filled with fairies, where lovers fought and united amidst the planning and plotting of an evil elf.

This was just one instance. Many such themed circus festivals take place all around the world annually. A few circus festivals conduct various workshops to entertain and teach their audiences some of the things they do to win their hearts. The circuses also have booths where they have canvas prints available from their sponsors who made the canvas prints of the circus staff. Those canvas prints are also available for sale. The visitors can buy those prints and take them home as some sort of a memorabilia.

Some circuses have movie night as a theme for their circus festivals. Here they showcase excerpts from famous novels in a relaxed and entertaining manner. The excerpts are taken from Shakespeare’s novels like Comedy of errors, Midsummer night etc.

One of the most common themes of the circus festivals is the secrets and discoveries. Here the performers put on acts of exploring the darkest and deepest secrets all around the world and unveiling the truths.

Magic was the theme of the circus festival of Lunar circus. It was a unique blend of world class circus act, music, comedy and theater. The theme took the audiences on a ride to a magical land filled with various enticing acts. Their theme strongly affirmed that magic can be found in all of us and that imagination can change the world. They put on a play to make a strong note on this topic. This circus festival theme received huge credits from people all around the world. Lunar circus did not quite stop at this. They also had licensed bars providing the visitors with liquors.

Some of the other themes of circus festivals include showcasing America’s favorite live family entertainment experience. Family entertainment has become a popular theme for the circus festivals. Big Top circus’s circus festival had everything family. They even had a Nickelodeon cartoon character to keep the kids entertained all the times. People have a gala time with their friends and family enjoying the bustling circus town. Activity swirls as the animals are unloaded and brought into the tent for their performances.

Winter wonderland is also one of the famous circus festivals themes. Artificial snowfall inside the tent makes it even more exciting as the experience is similar to sitting outside in an open space while enjoying the show.

Some circuses have circus festivals in two halves, afternoon half for everyone including the children and an evening half meant only for the adults. The theme remains the same for both the halves but the shows that are put on by them are different for different halves.

Just like any other festivals or get-together, circus festivals also have themes to distinguish one circus festival from the other and to bring forward something completely different each year. The themes are what keeps the viewers anticipated throughout the year. They wait eagerly each year in the hope that their favorite circus will put together something exciting for them just like they have been doing till date. The themes increase the excitement and the anticipation for the circus festivals. It’s a huge task to come up with the ideas for the show that goes with the theme. Training the animals for the shows, call for huge appreciation on their part. The circus has been a great medium of entertainment since the beginning of time. Introduction of themed circus festivals have increased the entertainment factor by leaps and bounds. The themed circus festivals attracts huge crowd during the 3-4 days that it lasts. A great source of fun and entertainment, circus festivals are one of a kind.

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